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About Us

Finding Inspiration on Every Page

Disabled Women and non binary people’s voices were not allowed to be part of the conversation, so ex-Paralympian Elizabeth Wright decided to start a whole different one. Beginning as a Medium publication, Conscious Being has grown to be a digital and print magazine. Paying all of its Disabled creatives, it is a unique venture into reimagining access; making it creative, cool and anything but clinical.


The first magazine of its kind to explore inclusive disability from an angle full of joie de vivre, Conscious Being has regular columns featuring fashion, beauty, art, culture, music, and hard-hitting journalism, as well as themed features with a lens of disability. Conscious Being is a vibrant, full-bodied publication targeted at Disabled women who are intellectually curious and creatively driven, as well as being a great way for non-disabled allies to engage with the community.


To see yourself represented in media is an emotive experience, and the Conscious Being team believe more than anything that the authentic voices of Disabled women and non-binary folks deserve to be heard. Full of creativity and a strong ethos, Conscious Being is the platform for voices that have, for far too long, been ignored.

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Our Story

Liz Wright has been many things in her life, a swimmer (Paralympian!), an artist, a speaker, a writer… what she hadn’t dreamed of was becoming a magazine editor, despite being an avid magazine reader and lover of all things pretty pictures and hot design. Being an avid magazine reader, she was acutely aware of not seeing herself in any of the magazines that she read. Where were the people that looked like her, limb different women, disabled women. She decided that this wasn’t good enough, that the media was letting disabled women down. And so in 2021, Liz decided that it was time to start a magazine by and for disabled women and non-binary people, Conscious Being. 


Joining Liz in her vision for a magazine that is representative, fair, and fun, Chloe Johnson became deputy editor, Jade Melady became the magazine’s graphic designer, and Yen Godden became social media manager. Full of ideas, connection and hope, the magazine covers all experiences of life, fashion, beauty, work, relationships, personal essays, thought provoking investigative pieces, reviews and artist profiles. Disability isn’t a tragedy, in Conscious Being pity parties are not allowed. Instead we represent authentic disability life, in all its nuances, fears and joys.

Meet The Team

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Our Values

Conscious Being is run by a set of values that aim to help disabled women and non-binary people thrive. Our values include:


  • Equity: We are an inclusive and diverse magazine, our team, our writers and artists are all given the support to have access to opportunities in our online and physical space.

  • Fair pay: We believe in fair pay for all our writers, artists, and team members. We are working constantly to generate revenue to enable us to increase fees and pay for everyone involved in the magazine.

  • Community: We believe in the power of community to lift each other up and include all people that need a safe space to be. We create this safe space in our magazine, on our website, newsletter, and on our social media accounts.

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