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A Consciously Chosen Christmas Wishlist - Chloe

A white background with gold stars and music notes have a number of gift items sitting on top. Including the Sarah J Maas book set, a woman wearing a Burgundy fleecy hooded jumper, a polaroid photo of a red jumper with a quote embroidered on ti, a tub of Clinique make up remover, a cardboard package for a water bottle, cherry drop earrings, Taylor Swift red album, and an abstract painting in pinks and gold.

[Image: clockwise from top left hand corner, 1. A Court of Thorns and Roses Book Set by Sarah. J Maas from Juniper Books; 2. Oversized Blanket Hoodie by Luna Moon x Studio on Etsy; 3. Taylor Swift Jumper by The Clique Clothing on Etsy; 4. YuYu Hot Water Bottle; 5. Clinique Make-up Remover Balm; 6. Red (Taylor’s Version) Vinyl from; 7. Natasha Barnes - 'Impression' Framed Print, Set of 2 from John Lewis; 8. Cherry Dangle Drop Earrings by Paradise Bliss Product on Etsy.]

Our deputy editor, Chloe Johnson, is a huge fan of supporting small business and wordy-themed gifts and she wants to share her top eight with you…

  1. A Court of Thorns and Roses Book Set - this book set is possibly the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen - and I will never stop talking about the PTSD rep in book 2 - but for that comes a hefty price tag, so santa, baby, if you’re listening… Grab your set here on Juniper Books.

  2. An oversized blanket hoodie? Literally nothing needs to be said about this. I want to feel like I have a blanket wrapped around me at all times. That’s it. I love this cozy oversized blanket hoodie by Luna Moon x Studio and I also love Etsy and how you can support individual designers and stores on there!

  3. A YuYu Hot Water Bottle in coral is gorgeous, and I find heat great for my chronic pain, so this or a heated blanket is always going to make my eyes turn into hearts. Click here to check out the YuYu Hot Water Bottle.

  4. I have two favourite stores on Etsy that make and sell handmade jumpers with different lyrics and quotes on. Firstly, check out The Sunday Dream shop and their Tis the Damn Season jumper here. Then check out The Clique Clothing shop - I love their Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo jumpers. Huge fan of both! All of them speak to me!

  5. Red (Taylor’s Version) Vinyl - Okay, I couldn’t help myself, I need this album on vinyl in my life. Desperately. Swiftly addicted to anything Taylor… Click here to grab your vinyl.

  6. When I have flare-ups, my skin gets very dry. This Clinique Make-up Remover Balm is the best thing I’ve found that doesn’t dry out my skin, but also takes off all the makeup I need it to. Bonus, it also smells lovely and lasts forever.

  7. Any dramatic earrings I’m all for. I love dangly earrings, or a statement piece. Another Etsy find are these gorgeous Cherry Dangle Drop Earrings from Paradise Bliss Product.

  8. I’m always looking for framed artwork to add to my house, and this set of paintings just makes me feel joyful! Bright, abstract and beautiful, check out Natasha Barnes 'Impression' prints here at John Lewis.

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