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The Ultimate Disability Friendly Christmas Gift Guide.

Article by Hester Grainger and Lydia Wilkins

Illustrated mistletoe dots the background. Circling from the top left hand corner is a white woman wearing lilac leggings and bra top, next to her is a black glitter lamp, next to the lamp is a taupe sweatshirt with be a nice human written on it. Below these is a gift set of glass bottle scents and diffusing reeds, and next to this is a dark bottle of Prosecco and a glass with a cocktail in it.

[Image: clockwise from top left hand corner, 1. Lilac leggings from Peachylean, 2. Nova Black Glitter Lamp from PrezzyBox, 3. Be A Nice Human Sweatshirt from Born Anxious, 4. Gift Box, including scents and reeds, from Territory Scents, 5. Bottle of Prosecco from The Emissary.]

If you listen closely, you can hear it somewhere in the distance; the weather outside is just, well, frightful - and Micheal Buble is defrosting out of hibernation. In other news, it’s nearly Christmas time - a time when the UK will become just that little bit more hopeful, complete with glittery lights and a bit more cheer.

This year, we at Conscious Being have put together the ultimate disability friendly Christmas gift guide. This incorporates disability aides, gifts for foodies, fabulous fashion and so much more - on the basis of being accessible. These products are also suitable for a range of differing budgets too, giving you lots of suggestions this Christmas.

Food & Drink

It has been a long year— and we should celebrate. Being disabled in a pandemic (!) is not at all easy and it’s time we let our hair down. The Emissary Prosecco is an excellent brand, complete with a great taste - and a range of prices to suit different budgets. Prices start from £14.99 – it’s low sugar and vegan too -

Ruby Tandoh’s latest book release has been causing a bit of a stir. Cook As You Are was released in October and with over one hundred accessible recipes, this is designed to be inclusive. This book is definitely on our list of recommended reads. Cook As You Are retails from £19.99 at Waterstones.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a tin of sweets. But why pick up a tub from the supermarket when you can get one personalised— Prezzybox has a range of personalised treats for all budgets but our favourite is the tub of Cadbury Heroes— you can get any name and message added to it. It costs £16.99 from -


When it comes to fashion it’s about finding brands that makes us feel great, but are also comfortable and easy to wear too. Born Anxious make clothes as comfortable as possible, whilst also remaining planet friendly. Their range has an array of slogans— our favourite is the Be A Nice Human sweatshirt which starts is £25.99. They also have a range of bags and pouches too and are all label free, making them perfect for sensitivity issues -

If you are looking for sports luxe, then look no further than Peachylean. They are on a mission to help women to feel comfy and supported in their skin. They even caught the eye of three Dragons when they were on Dragon’s Den earlier this year. Their range of leggings are the comfiest ever worn and even have pockets! They come in sizes from XS to 4XL. Their beanies are great too. Leggings - £65 and beanies £18.50 -

Love handbags? Mia Tui has a range of vegan leather handbags. The Georgia retails at £32, and is ideal if you’re a wheelchair user; it also doubles as a shoulder pack from its fanny pack (or bumbag) form. It’s accessible, unlike most handbags. It is available in a range of seasonal colours, too -

Disability Aids

Disability aids are for people of all ages! A lot has been said this year about disability aids - and how there is a very strange expectation that you can’t use an aid if you’re considered ‘young’. (What does that even mean, ableists? Answers on a postcard please!)

Weighted blankets are still popular, especially for individuals who are on the Autistic Spectrum, and they have a wide range of reported benefits for all when it comes to sleeping better, as well as calming and reducing anxiety. Sensooli, who use to be known as Chewigem, have weighted blankets beginning from £44.85 -

Sometimes a scooter may be needed to get around, in order to save energy. A Kick Scooter can be bought from Micro Scooters, with prices for the classic model starting at £159.95, and comes with a variety of features. Just make sure you are familiar with all the relevant laws where you live -

Walking sticks don’t just have to be standard regulation black; have you seen disability influencers, like Tania from When Tania Talks, with their strawberry pink, even glittery, canes recently? Neo Walk offers a range of walking sticks in different colours and materials - and prices begin from approximately £15. And you can bust a few stereotypes while you’re at it, too! -

Home and Interiors

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without some lovely gifts for the home. Prezzybox has a fantastic range covering lots of different budgets, but we particularly love the Black glitter lamp – it’s like a modern day lava lamp! It’s great for sensory seekers and is quite mesmeric. Perfect for unwinding after a busy day, and it is sensory friendly, too. Prices start from around £24.99 -

Territory Scents is a subscription home fragrance business. You can treat someone to a reed diffusers gift subscription delivered straight to their door. It’s the gift that keeps on giving and makes a home smell gorgeous. Our favourite is the Lazy Lawn fragrance. Prices start from £25 -

We are big fans of Martha Brook London – not only do we obsess over their planners (surely we aren’t the only ones who love pretty stationery?!), they have also a gorgeous range of personalised art prints. With slogans including One Day At A Time and Hey Everything Will Be Ok – they will definitely brighten up any space, and are perfect for when we think and talk about mental health. Prices from £12.99 -

Christmas is a time for giving, and it’s an innately joyful time - but it should be a celebration that is inclusive of everyone. That should always, always include disabled women and non-binary people of all ages, encompassing all of the possible differences underneath the sun. It’s not hard to do. And we can start to make that happen with the gifts that we give this year, too.


Hester Grainger is a freelance writer, PR expert, and was diagnosed ADHD at 43. You can follow Hester on Twitter here — @HesterGrainger

Lydia Wilkins is a freelance journalist, copywriter and occasional keynote speaker. You can follow Lydia on Twitter here — @Journo_Lydia

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