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A Consciously Chosen Christmas Wishlist - Liz

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Random coloured dots and shapes splash across the background. Circling from the top left hand corner is a green jumper with a fawn stitched on it, next is a creamy coloured covering of white chocolate, with a red and blue leaf pattern logo across the front, next is a pair of navy ballet flats, and then a pair of bright earrings with drop shapes that have abstract shapes in pinks, greens and golds. Below these are a framed illustration or a mystic eye and hand, and then a white tube of sleep cream and glass bottle of sleep spray, then a pink folded duvet, and then a wooden pin with bright spikes circles in yellows, pinks and blues, with diversity is strength written on it.

[Image: clockwise from top left hand side, 1. Shauna Fawn Intarsia Jumper by Joanie Clothing (A green jumper with a fawn wearing a red bow), 2. Lemon and Poppy Seeds Creamy White Chocolate Bar by Seed and Bean (packaging is cream with the leaf blue and orange logo of Seed and Bean on the front), 3. Tree Breezers shoes by All Birds (navy blue ballet style shoes with grey felt inners), 4. Classic Peppermint Pattie Geometric Dangling Earrings by Glitterbuggin (gold dot earrings with drop decorative shape with abstract art in pinks, green and gold), 5. Diversity is Strength pin by Abi Stevens (a circular wooden pin with spiky circles in yellow, red, pink, purple, blue and green on it, text in circles reads Diversity is Strength), 6. Night Owl Herringbone Duvet by The Fine Bedding Company (a folded duvet in a pale pink herringbone pattern), 7. Neom Sleep Vibes by Neom (a white tube of hand balm and a frosted bottle of sleep spray), 8. Mystic Scene All Seeing Eye Print by Emma Hall (a white print with a flower and leaves, a hand, a snake and two stars dotted over the print in pink and red).]

Fancy adding a few environmentally friendly and vintage-vibed gift items to your Christmas Wishlist? Our founder and editor-in-chief, Liz Wright, is passionate about sustainability and vintage inspired gifts this Christmas and she wants to share her top eight with you…

  1. It’s no secret, I am obsessed with Joanie Clothing. I particularly love their vintage style, but they are also committed to sustainability and are working hard towards using only sustainably sourced fabrics and assisting manufacturers to increase sustainable initiatives. I am particularly hoping Santa will bring me the Shauna Fawn Intarsia Jumper this Christmas.

  2. I have such a sweet tooth and Christmas isn’t Christmas without chocolate. I consciously eat sustainable chocolate and one of my favourite brands in Seed and Bean. Their Lemon and Poppy Seeds Creamy White Chocolate bar is already on its way. #EarlyChristmasPresent

  3. My prosthetic leg means that I wear through the soles of shoes like nobody’s business. This means that I like to source good quality, sustainable footwear that will stand up to the tyranny of my prosthetic, or will at least be recyclable in some way. All Birds shoes are made from renewable materials. Their Tree Breezers are my preppy vibe in a sustainable shoe.

  4. I love a good set of bright, colourful earrings that have a vintage vibe to them. I also love supporting independent artists, such as Erika Owens, aka GlitterBuggin on Insta and Etsy. Her Classic Peppermint Pattie Geometric Dangle Earrings are the bomb.

  5. What I love most about Abi Stevens illustrations is that most of them also have a social and disability justice message to them. For Christmas, please Santa, bring me one of Abi’s Diversity is Strength wooden pins.

  6. If you’re anything like me, you hate washing your bedding. Don’t get me wrong, I love clean sheets and duvets, but because of my disability it’s a pain to get my duvet back in my duvet cover. I discovered The Fine Bedding Company this year and their coverless duvets. You can just pop your whole duvet in the washing machine when it needs a refresh and when it’s dry just pop it back on your bed again. Check out the Night Owl Herringbone Duvet in French Plum, its gorgeous.

  7. It’s been a long year, which has negatively impacted my sleep— Hello Insomnia! I love the brand Neom and would be more than happy to receive the Neom Sleepy Vibes pack in my Christmas stocking this year.

  8. I love art and when I found Emma Hall’s work I knew that, if I could, I would fill my walls with her prints. Particularly fun is her Mystic Scene All Seeing Eye print.

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